Thursday, February 25, 2016


Mallory had her very first swim meet. I had never been to one before and it was a little chaotic and kind of confusing, but we made it! And she did really well!
 She is out little fish, loves the water!
 We did lots of Christmas-y things! One of the highlights this year was going on a horse drawn carriage ride!
 On Christmas Day we went to find snow! and we found it! LOTS OF IT!

It was too fresh and powdery to make a snowman so we just rolled around in it, sunk down deep and made forts

 Then we came home, got in our new Christmas Jammies and waited for Santa to come!
 The next morning we had a SUPER yummy breakfast! and guess what we did????
 Opened presents! (I know you're shocked!)
 Spencer's favorite was his BIG TRUCK
 Then the rest of the day it was just LAZY playing with all our new stuff...In past years we have been RUNNING around all day my family, Malachi's family. We miss the Swifts, but it was nice to stay home and relax!
 For New years day we decided to go swimming and the YMCA was having free T-shirt day to kick off the new years resolutions, so we all got free T-shirs
 Since then we have been staying Very busy with school, Church and life. Andrew has been trying Tae Kwon Doe (mostly to give him something to do until baseball starts) and he also does Cub scouts. Mallory is doing Swim lessons and Gymnastics. and Spencer has a Toddler tumbling class.
 Malachi has been working VERY hard and I have been SUPER busy with kids, school, laundry, dishes, and all the craziness that goes with being a mom!

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